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Prize-winning author marks end of summer with new book celebrating the cherry tree

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

NEW YORK, NY: José María Alonso Alonso de Linaje, winner of the 2018 Ramiro de Maeztu Prize for his book La soledad coma oportunidad, celebrates the end of summer with the launch of his latest book, Cereza sabor y color del verano, his second book published in the United States by Centiramo Publishing.

The book not only contains useful information on commercial cherry cultivation, but also reveals the author's deep respect for and love of the environment. It is the fruit of many years of practical experience of the author as a gentleman-farmer who has managed his family farm in the Valle de Caderechas in his native Burgos, Spain.

Josemari's new work has received praise from critics:

"A beautiful well-cultivated field of cherry trees, such as the one that José María describes in such a complete and attractive way from his own knowledge and personal experience in the quiet Valle de Caderechas in the province of Burgos, attracts anyone who contemplates it, especially from spring when flowers start to bloom to autumn when the leaves languish

with a varied gradation of colors. Cherries are a feast for the eyes for the surprising natural beauty they bring to the environment and a delight to the taste, since cherries, as José María describes very well, offer a multiple range of gastronomic applications.

"Thank you José María for your personal experience, for helping us reflect with your always helpful books and for your contributions to the spirit as a writer capable of transmitting the charm and magic of nature." — Nicolas Jouve de la Barreda, professor emeritus of Genetics, University of Alcala


"Reading this book gave me an irrepressible impulse to take off my shoes, run to step on the bare earth and sink my hands into it. José María has not written a mere technical book on cherry tree cultivation, but a confession of love for an art with which the farmer strives to make nature speak." — Gregorio Luri Medrano, author and professor of philosophy


"Some things are as beautiful as a cherry tree in blossom. In Japan, annually, a festival is held in honor of this chestnut-colored hardwood tree, where thousands of people go to the parks to contemplate its flowers that hide a special secret: they do not wither, they fall from the tree before doing so, pushed by the wind. "It is the same with a job well done. With the attentive, tender and considerate care of a simple tree capable of bearing fruits that gladden the heart of man. This work never withers. It flies with the wind wherever it is most needed. This magnificent book has flown from one side of the ocean to the other, driven by the wind, offering the secret of flares that do not fade and fruits that rejoice.'' — Diego Blanco Albarova, cultural researcher, writer, screenwriter and TV producer

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