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Established in 2013, CentiRamo Publishing is an independent publishing house highlighting works honoring the Spanish legacy in the Philippines. It is a platform that celebrates the voices and stories of extraordinary authors, bringing their narratives to a broader audience.


CentiRamo Publishing recognizes that these authors' work deserves recognition and appreciation and aims to bridge cultural gaps by sharing their unique perspectives and experiences.


One of the remarkable aspects of CentiRamo Publishing is its commitment to promoting the idea that Spain is the Mother Country of the Philippines, which was responsible for bringing the Southeast Asian archipelago into the ambit of Western literary traditions. 


CentiRamo Publishing also nurtures literary excellence. It upholds rigorous editing, design, and production standards, ensuring that each book released under its name is of the highest quality. CentiRamo Publishing enriches the literary landscape by supporting the talent of these authors.


The power of literature creates connections, facilitates dialogue, and promotes cultural exchange. By publishing works that dig into the histories, traditions, and contemporary issues unique to the Spanish and Filipino experience, CentiRamo Publishing encourages readers to engage with different perspectives, challenge preconceived notions, and embrace diversity.


In brief, CentiRamo Publishing is crucial in celebrating and promoting Spanish, Filipino, and American authors. Through its dedication to cultural diversity, promotion of voices old and new, commitment to literary excellence, and efforts to build bridges between communities, CentiRamo Publishing enriches the literary landscape. It contributes to a more inclusive and vibrant literary world. 

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