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Cuando la lluvia venga

Antonio Aguirre Salamero is a poet with gravitas. His first poetry collection highlights his love for the environment, beauty created by an Uncreated Beauty visible in nature.  A symbolist and naturalist, he believes that the trees we plant will outlive us. His poetry is both moving and powerful, turning each line into a philosophical affirmation and each phrase into an aphorism. His love for his family and his friends is palpable throughout the book like a powerful torrent when the rain comes.

Rubrics and Runes

When José Morán entered the monastery, it was to pursue the highest form of chivalry. But his fate as a religious priest takes a precipitous turn when social paroxysm grips the fictional island-nation of Islas e Islotes after the downfall of the government. To cover up his own misdeeds, his abominably corrupt religious superior leading a double life seizes the ensuing chaos and collaborates with human rights violators in military uniform to accuse the completely innocent friar of a fabricated heinous crime. The plot unravels as those who claim to follow Christ wade into politics, taking for granted his injunction to “render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” In this novel, cassocked hypocrites are unmasked and only the weak are spared.

Spiritual Quest in Verse

Spiritual Quest in Verse brings to the world the poetic works of Ricaredo Demetillo. According to a critic, his "poetry, fiction, and criticism belong to a tradition that is both East and West, and his work is being recognized, though a bit slowly, as a distinct part of the world cultural heritage, a blending of oriental and occidental values. His writings offer a rich mine for the student and the science of culture."

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