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BEATRIz GONZÁlez torre

Beatriz González Torre.jpg

"Beatriz has a doctorate in industrial engineering and works for a leading elevator company in Europe but her true passion lies in painting and illustrating in various styles and formats: canvas,

digital, postcards, etc."

Beatriz González Torre was born in Gijón, Spain, in 1976. As a child, she was already drawn to painting. Seeing their daughter's early passion toward this art, Beatriz' parents very much encouraged her to develop her creativity. She was enrolled in art classes, where she learned a variety of techniques: charcoal, pastel, acrylic, oil.


She won a number of children's painting contests and by the time she became a teenager, her illustrations were selected three years in a row by the Public Language School to adorn Christmas postcards.


In 2011, Beatriz launched “YU,” an online destination selling customized pieces of art focusing on special people or events. Her unique creations include keepsakes for newborns, young children and loved ones as well as mementos to mark milestones like weddings, first communions and other events in a variety of formats and styles (canvas, postcards, digital, etc.).


She lived in the United Kingdom and in Germany for two and three years, respectively, giving her the opportunity to get some inspiration from different cultures. She took up formal art education at IBKK School in Bochum, Germany and at the London Art College in the U.K.

Beatriz has a doctorate in industrial engineering and works for a leading elevator company in Europe. While a doctoral student, she presented scientific papers in the United States on behalf of one of her professors at the University of Oviedo.

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