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'Infieles,' a literary treasure unveiled

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

NEW YORK, NY: Centiramo Publishing proudly announces the release of Infieles, a captivating collection of short stories by Filipino author Quintin Jose V. Pastrana. This highly anticipated anthology takes readers on a compelling pilgrimage through the diverse landscapes of the Philippines and foreign shores. It offers an immersive exploration of its people, their struggles and triumphs.

Pastrana, an entrepreneur, journalist, philanthropist, and now book author, brings his exceptional storytelling and profound understanding of the human condition to Infieles. With this debut collection under the Centiramo Publishing imprint, Pastrana expands his reach to a global audience, sharing the beauty and diversity of Philippine literature. Through his irresistible narratives and vivid descriptions, readers embark on a transformative journey through the Philippine archipelago's vibrant panoramas, unveiling its people's challenges and triumphs at home and abroad.

Quintin Jose V. Pastrana unleashes a torrent of exhilarating prose fiction about the Filipino diaspora in Infieles. PHOTO CREDIT: RAENA E. ABELLA

Infieles is a literary masterpiece that encapsulates the rich tapestry of the Philippines. These captivating short stories transport readers to bustling urban centers, remote islands, and everywhere in between, providing a deep dive into the complex realities of the Filipino experience.

Within the pages of Infieles, Pastrana skillfully weaves a diverse range of sagas, each offering a unique perspective on the human condition. These captivating tales explore various characters' hearts and minds, capturing their hopes, dreams, and vulnerabilities. From alienated Overseas Filipino Workers yearning for connection in foreign lands to witnesses of extra-judicial killings grappling with the weight of injustice, the stories shed light on raw emotions and the complexities of lived experiences.

Pastrana's storytelling prowess goes beyond mere narration. His wry and postcolonial portrayal of characters uncovers the erasure of true stories and personal histories, revealing the impact of historical forces on contemporary society. Infieles turns Philippine history on its head, offering insight into the struggles faced by the country as it confronts forgotten narratives.

These stories evoke various emotions, exploring themes of loneliness, grief, isolation, and resilience. Through Pastrana's poignant prose, silenced voices find expression, illuminating individuals' and communities' struggles. Readers empathize with the characters' trials, connecting them with universal experiences of longing, loss, and the relentless pursuit of hope.

Infieles offers a distinctly Filipino exploration of dispossession and diaspora. Pastrana captures the multifaceted aspects of Filipino identity, exposing the effects of cultural, political, and economic forces on individuals' lives. He is not afraid to try and weave together not only different characters and voices but also endemic literary devices of subterfuge, memory, consciousness, intertextuality, and dreams to trace the layers of his people's psyche, from the individual to the nation writ large. This collection challenges readers to confront the realities of dispossession while reflecting on the resilience and strength that emerge in the face of adversity.

Pastrana's striking descriptions paint sceneries and characters that come alive on the page. With a keen understanding of the Filipino experience, he skillfully navigates the complexities of identity, tradition, and societal dynamics. Through immersive prose and rich symbolism, he seamlessly transports readers to both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres: the bustling streets of Manila, the serene shores of the Philippine archipelago, the untamed beauty of the countryside, and even the crumbling infrastructure of American cities.

More than a collection of stories, Infieles is a powerful catalyst for empathy and cross-cultural dialogue. Pastrana's narratives build bridges between cultures, inviting readers from all stations in life to engage with the Filipino experience. By exploring the struggles and triumphs of his characters, he encourages a deeper appreciation for the diverse perspectives that unite our global community.

Infieles is now available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. Other online retailers, including ( Barnes and Noble), carry the paperback version.

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