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Ground-breaking book shatters false Philippine history portrayal

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

NEW YORK, NY: Guillermo Gómez Rivera, a renowned author and ethnographer, has released a groundbreaking new book titled The Independent History of Ylongo and Cebuano Visayans, published by Centiramo Publishing. The book offers an accurate and comprehensive account of the Philippine Revolution and challenges the distorted historical narrative propagated by what Gómez Rivera calls an "education mafia."

The book offers a fresh perspective on the key figures in the struggle for independence and sheds light on the complex political and social dynamics that shaped the revolution. Through extensive research and analysis of primary sources, Gómez Rivera provides new insights into the previously unknown role of the Ylongos and Cebuanos in defending Spanish rule in the Philippines against the Katipunan-led revolution. Contrary to popular belief, Gómez Rivera argues that the Philippine Revolution of 1898 was not national in scope but rather a localized revolt centered around Manila and some Luzon provinces.

Guillermo Gómez Rivera

In addition to challenging the distorted historical narrative of the revolution, Gómez Rivera also explores the cultural destruction initiated by American imperialists. The book focuses on the efforts of Dean Conant Worcester, a high official of the American colonial government in the early 1900s, who spearheaded the forced replacement of the Spanish language with English as a medium of instruction in Philippine schools, leading to the loss of significant aspects of Filipino culture and history.

As a highly respected literary figure in the Philippines, Gómez Rivera has been awarded the prestigious Premio Zóbel, the highest literary award for Filipino writers in Spanish. Casa Asia also recognizes him for his expertise in the country's oral traditions. He serves as the Director and most senior member of the Academia Filipina de la Lengua Española, an organization dedicated to preserving the proper Spanish language usage in the Philippines.

The Independent History of Ylongo and Cebuano Visayans is a testament to Gómez Rivera's dedication to preserving the Spanish language and culture in the Philippines and his ongoing influence on future writers and scholars. In the book, Gómez Rivera offers new insights into the real motives of José Rizal in writing against the alleged abuses of the Spanish friars, as well as a fascinating revelation of the role of the Masons in the Katipunan, which started a revolution under the failed leadership of Andrés Bonifacio.

Readers will be captivated by the Philippine Revolution's hidden truths and the profound influence of Spanish culture on this captivating island nation. Don't miss out on this fascinating account of the Philippine Revolution from one of the country's most respected literary figures. The book is not only an essential contribution to the historical narrative of the Philippines, but it also highlights the importance of preserving cultural heritage and the dangers of cultural destruction.

The Independent History of Ylongos and Cebuano Visayans is now available from Amazon and other online book retailers worldwide.

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