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'La soledad como oportunidad' clinches 2018 Ramiro de Mauzte Prize

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

NEW YORK, NY: Los Círculos de San Juan, an organization that promotes patriotism and excellence in Spanish Catholic media, has awarded the 2018 Ramiro de Mauzte Prize to José María Alonso Alonso de Linaje for his book La soledad como oportunidad, which was published in the United States by CentiRamo Publishing last October.

Also honored with José María Alonso in a gala dinner coinciding with the feast day of St. Francis Sales, patron saint of writers and journalists, were General Juan Chicharro and writer Fernando Alonso Barahona.

Prior to the dinner and awarding ceremonies, participants attended a Mass in honor of St. Francis, imploring his intercession for a good press and for the deceased members of the organization as well as for the readers of the organization's three publications: Fuerza Nueva, Siempre p'alante and La Nación.

Officiating at the Mass held at the Oratory of the Knight of Grace was an old friend of the organization, Fr. Ramón Rodrigo, who also presided over the Eucharistic celebration in 2011. Assisting him was Fr. José Luis, who delivered the homily on the need to propagate and defend the Catholic faith through an excellent and truthful media.

After the Mass, the awardees, guests and members of the organization proceeded to Centro Cultural de Ejércitos at Gran Via 13 in Madrid, where this year's prize winners were feted and handed their award certificate by José Luis Corral, president of Los Circulos de San Juan.

The Manuel Delgado Barreto prize was awarded to Fernando Alonso Barahona for his articles in La Nación focusing on Spain and Cataluña. General Juan Chicharro received the Víctor Pradera Prize for his defense of the Valle de los Caídos and the tomb of Generalísimo Francisco Franco, who remains a controversial figure in Spain nearly 50 years after his death.

José María, recipient of the 2018 Ramiro de Maeztu Prize, was cited for his book La soledad como oportunidad, which the organization described as "full of knowledge and experience."

The organization praised José María for approaching the subject of solitude or loneliness from an optimistic vision, identifying its different forms when it comes knocking at people's doors. It usually shows up uninvited but one can escape it with positive consequences if one has faith, hope and charity. Through his book, the organization said, José María has taught people that they can beat solitude by helping each other and having faith in God. It is only when we work together in faith that we can arrive at the end of the tunnel where the light will guide us on our way, the organization added.

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