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Recovecos/Crevices (English/Spanish bilingual edition) is the final work of the renowned Catholic poet Gilbert Luis R. Centina III. Within these pages, you will embark on a poetic journey guided by the profound words of an Augustinian religious missionary whose life was tragically cut short by the relentless grip of Covid-19 in León, Spain.


In a preface that echoes with haunting wisdom, penned a fortnight before his untimely demise, the poet revealed an eerie sense of impending danger that enveloped his friary during the pandemic's darkest hours. Little did he know that his mortality would become entwined with the very threat he so keenly sensed. "The new coronavirus has rewritten the rules of daily life," he wrote, reverberating with uncanny foresight. 


As the world spiraled into an uncertain and dystopian existence, even our most advanced technologies proved feeble in the face of this unyielding adversary.


Recovecos/Crevices is more than just a collection of poems; it is a poignant gift bestowed upon those who emerged from the harrowing clutches of the pandemic, a tribute to the brave souls who fought bravely and succumbed to its merciless grasp. Through Centina III's verse, he knits together a mantelpiece of emotions, laying bare the human spirit's resilience amidst the darkest times.


Lyrical melodies dance across the pages as Recovecos/Crevices and beckon you to explore the depths of the human experience. This mesmerizing collection promises to leave a memorable mark on your heart, resounding long after the final verse has been read.

Cereza sabor y color del verano

The Caderechas Valley in Burgos, Spain, as seen through José María Alonso Alonso de Linaje's eyes, shines through. As a renowned author and educator, his heart belongs to this picturesque valley where he first entered the world. With a sparkle in his eyes, he shares his passion for the land, especially the cherished fruit trees nurtured by his family in Castellanos de Bureba.


In his latest work, Cereza sabor y color del verano (Cherry, flavor, and color of summer), José María Alonso Alonso de Linaje delves into the depths of knowledge about the cherry tree. Overflowing with enthusiasm and wisdom, he unravels the secrets of cultivation, from planting and grafting to pruning, disease treatment, and irrigation. This comprehensive guide also explores the cherry tree's nutritional properties, pollination, flowering, and harvesting techniques and even offers delightful recipes featuring this luscious fruit.


Moreover, Cereza sabor y color del verano (Spanish edition) showcases the unique characteristics of the Caderechas Valley, including its climate, fertilization methods, and the intricate anatomy of the cherry tree. Complemented by a captivating collection of images and graphics, this book is an indispensable reference for anyone seeking to unravel the mysteries of this ancient tree. Embark on a journey of discovery and savor the essence of summer with this particular publication.

La soledad como oportunidad
Tíndalo de sinamay

Tíndalo de sinamay unravels the extraordinary life journey of José Rizal. Celebrated as one of the most revered figures in Philippine history, Rizal's writings during Spanish colonial rule ignited a fiery call for reforms, ultimately paving the way for the Philippine Revolution of 1898.


In this remarkable collection, Isaac Donoso interweaves a loomwork of modern Spanish poetry, skillfully tracing the path of Rizal's existence from his humble birth to his tragic martyrdom. With exquisite craftsmanship, Donoso delves deep into the essence of Rizal's spirit, capturing the heart of his struggles, triumphs, and the profound impact he left on his nation.


Through evocative verses and powerful allegory, Tíndalo de sinamay paints a vivid portrait of Rizal's indomitable spirit, unwavering commitment to justice, and relentless pursuit of freedom. As readers embark on this poetic odyssey, they will be transported to a time of turmoil and transformation, where the pen became a mighty weapon, and the power of words ignited a revolution.


Immerse yourself in the eloquent verses of Isaac Donoso as he pays homage to the legacy of José Rizal, a visionary whose words continue to resonate across generations. Tíndalo de sinamay is a literary triumph, a poetic masterpiece that breathes life into the remarkable story of a man who dared to dream of an independent nation.

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