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Plus ultra y otros poemas/
Plus Ultra and Other Poems

Recovecos/Crevices is the final work of the renowned Catholic poet Gilbert Luis R. Centina III. Within these pages, you will embark on a poetic journey guided by the profound words of an Augustinian religious missionary whose life was tragically cut short by the relentless grip of Covid-19 in León, Spain.


In a preface that echoes with haunting wisdom, penned a fortnight before his untimely demise, the poet revealed an eerie sense of impending danger that enveloped his friary during the pandemic's darkest hours. Little did he know that his mortality would become entwined with the very threat he so keenly sensed. "The new coronavirus has rewritten the rules of daily life," he wrote, reverberating with uncanny foresight. 


As the world spiraled into an uncertain and dystopian existence, even our most advanced technologies proved feeble in the face of this unyielding adversary.


Recovecos/Crevices is more than just a collection of poems; it is a poignant gift bestowed upon those who emerged from the harrowing clutches of the pandemic, a tribute to the brave souls who fought bravely and succumbed to its merciless grasp. Through Centina III's verse, he knits together a mantelpiece of emotions, laying bare the human spirit's resilience amidst the darkest times.


Lyrical melodies dance across the pages as Recovecos/Crevices and beckon you to explore the depths of the human experience. This mesmerizing collection promises to leave a memorable mark on your heart, resounding long after the final verse has been read.

Momentos e instantes

Poet Daisy López unveils the captivating beauty of fleeting moments in her mesmerizing collection, Momentos e instantes (Spanish edition). With a poetic prowess that transcends traditional rhythmic verses, Daisy effortlessly channels the raw essence of inspiration into language. Each page unfolds a delicate texture of emotions, feelings, fears, worries, joys, and thoughts, all meticulously woven into words.


Drawing parallels to a camera, Daisy's pen acts as a lens, freezing these ephemeral experiences in time. Within the pages of this enchanting poetry collection, you will discover a series of vivid "screen captures" that immortalize the uniqueness and irreplaceable nature of each passing moment. Through her words, memories are safeguarded, and reflections take shape, inviting readers to connect with the profound essence of existence.


Momentos e instantes invites you to embark on a soul-stirring journey where the fabric of reality is woven with eloquence and authenticity. Daisy López' poetrycollection is a testament to the power of language, reminding us that within every fragment of time lies the potential for profound revelation and unparalleled beauty.

La soledad como oportunidad
The Filipino State

This book offers a riveting expedition through the hidden corridors of Philippine history with Guillermo Gómez Rivera, a fearless Hispanista, as he unveils the untold secrets of the Philippine Revolution in his captivating book. Immerse yourself in a tale that sheds light on a pivotal moment—the culmination of the Spanish Empire's reign and the birth of Philippine independence—guided by Gómez Rivera's unwavering dedication to Spanish culture.


With unwavering passion and intellectual prowess, Gómez Rivera ventures deep into the heart of a nation's struggle, painting a vivid picture of Spanish artistry and traditions that permeated the Philippine archipelago, especially in Iloilo and Cebu. Despite encountering leyendas negras and the relentless forces of cultural decay, he fearlessly wields his laptop and indomitable spirit to confront these challenges head-on.


Page after page, Gómez Rivera's narrative will captivate your senses, leaving you eager to unearth the Philippine Revolution's concealed truths and appreciate the profound influence of Spanish culture on this enchanting island nation. This book is an essential addition to the library of history enthusiasts and anyone who recognizes the life-changing power of ideas. Prepare to be spellbound by Guillermo Gómez Rivera's fearless exploration of a remarkable era in the Philippine narrative.

The Independent History of Ylongo
and Cebuano Visayans

Quintin Jose V. Pastrana's Infieles is a mesmerizing and rich collection of short stories that plumb the depths of the bottomless trials faced by the Filipino people at home and abroad. With a diverse cast of characters, it dissects the travails of his countrymen from the disconnected Overseas Filipino Workers to eyewitnesses of extrajudicial killings. The different narratives probe their hearts and minds.


With astute insight and a touch of irony, Pastrana crafts a postcolonial canvas brimming with dreams, nostalgia, and hidden motives. As he subverts Philippine history, the author exposes the suppression of authentic stories and personal accounts, ultimately shedding light on the nation's current plight.


Within this anthology lies loneliness, grief, isolation, and resilience. Muffled voices recover their timbre, offering an evocative exploration of dispossession from a distinctly Filipino perspective. With vivid prose and a profound grasp of the Filipino experience, Pastrana masterfully weaves a narrative that resonates with readers far beyond the borders of the archipelago.

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