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Emily Grows
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Venture on a delightful journey alongside Emily, a spirited young girl whose heartwarming passion ignites a deep appreciation for the environment and a profound love for nature. In this captivating book, author Kathleen Christina Esposito weaves a charming tale that beautifully captures the essence of respect and admiration for our natural world.


Guided by her beloved grandmother, Emily discovers the invaluable lessons of environmental stewardship and its profound impact on the planet. Together, they embark on a project that nurtures Emily's connection with nature and instills a sense of responsibility within her.


Collaborating with talented artist Beatriz Gónzales Torre, a young mother, Esposito brings this vital message to life through captivating illustrations that effortlessly transport young readers into a world brimming with beauty and wonder. Through their collaboration, the duo seeks to empower the younger generation, emphasizing their vital role in safeguarding our planet's future.

Madre España and Illustrated Love Poems

Uncover the breathtaking power of Gilbert Luis R. Centina III's poetry collection, a beautiful testament to the diverse spectrum of human experience. You will encounter incandescent verses that uplift the spirit within the pages of Madre España and Illustrated Love Poems, leaving you in awe of their luster. Against the backdrop of a stunning Spanish landscape, Centina masterfully threads tales of heroic figures, unyielding amidst the imperfections of their world. Love, a symbolic motif throughout, serves as a gateway to profound historical, philosophical, and theological insights into the depths of the human psyche. As you delve into this remarkable collection, be prepared to be enthralled as each line unveils hidden truths and stirs the emotions within. Centina's poetry transcends mere words, inviting you on a transformative journey where beauty intertwines seamlessly with profound reflections on existence. With each turn of the page, his comments will leave an indelible imprint on your heart and forever change how you perceive the world.

La soledad como oportunidad
Flor que del oro bárbaro deriva: Ensayos

This remarkable collection's profound and absorbing texts span several decades of introspection and observation. Here, you will encounter the unmistakable voice of an authoritative figure, unafraid to critically look into the Philippines' complex social and cultural evolution. This exceptional work shines a light on the singular brilliance of its author, eloquently illuminated by Professor Pedro Aullón de Haro in his seminal work, El ejemplo Gómez Rivera. 


A rich mural of ideas unfolds within these pages, exploring various facets of Gomezriverian existence. From poignant memoirs chronicling a Filipino life immersed in the Spanish language, teetering on the brink of extinction, to immersive journeys through decaying material heritage, this collection encompasses it all. It passionately defends the Filipino nation, denounces linguistic misappropriation, and unearths the intricate nuances of Benevolent Assimilation.


Awaiting you is a dense and unequivocal exploration where the vivid expressions of the Filipino variant of the Spanish language intertwine with profound reflections on identity, history, and the intricate threads of cultural heritage. This work is a testament to the author's unwavering dedication, offering invaluable insights into the heart and soul of the Philippines and fostering a deeper understanding of its multifaceted evolution.

The Filipino State
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