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How to Cope with Solitude Caused By Depression and Life's Ups and Downs

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Spanish academic Jose Maria Alonso Alonso de Linaje offers words of wisdom in dealing with loneliness and alienation that occurs in different stages of life

José María Alonso Alonso de Linaje

La soledad como oportunidad offers help to those who are suffering from loneliness and isolation brought about by unexpected death of a loved one, illness, divorce, old age and other factors one is bound to encounter in daily life.

José María Alonso Alonso de Linaje, a prolific Spanish author who has written 52 books and articles published in academic journals, spent most of his professional life as an educator in Spain's Basque Country.

He taps his deep background in music therapy as well as in philosophy and in spirituality to provide first-hand knowledge on how to reach out to family and friends who are suffering from isolation and depression due to old age or other factors throughout their journey in life.

It marks the first time that his work is published in the United States.

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