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centiramo BOOKS

Our Hidden Galaxette

Step into the pages of this profound tome, where hymns of awe-inspiring devotion to "nobler geometries" coalesce with impassioned laments against the hollow emptiness of modern society. Heartfelt letters are penned within these verses to kindred souls caught in the constant whirlwind of madness. At the same time, sad reflections reveal the macabre sight of lichens feasting upon regal purple robes. In this lyrical sanctuary, the paths of Teilhard de Chardin and Saint Genet intertwine, their encounter defying conventional understanding. While embracing Genet as the advocate of the devil's domain, Chardin yearns to become his disciple, forging an unconventional bond in the realm of Christian literature. Here, the grandiose pronouncements of Blay are absent, as are the mystical raptures of St. John of the Cross and the pastoral odes of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Instead, a quivering lyricism, wholly unique, pulses through the pages, inviting you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled spiritual experience.


Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the pages of Somewhen, a lyrical masterpiece that resounds with a resolute hymn of adoration for the ever-living God. With unflinching honesty, this remarkable book peels back the layers of pharisaical clericalism that can often lurk within cloistered walls. Yet, it goes beyond mere critique, discovering profound spiritual significance amidst the barren cityscape of a world consumed by secularization. It offers solace in human desolation, assuring readers that even when God appears dormant, He is ever-vigilant. With each page turn, Somewhen unveils a needlework of faith, resilience, and unwavering devotion, inviting you to explore the intertwining realms of divine grace and human experience. This extraordinary work will leave an indelible imprint upon your soul, rekindling a flickering flame of hope in the most unlikely places.

Triptych and Collected Poems

Submerge yourself into an extraordinary odyssey through the pages of  Triptych and Collected Poems, a mesmerizing collection that encapsulates the poetic genius of Gilbert Luis R. Centina III over four decades. Critics have hailed his work as a pinnacle of modern poetry, characterized by its enchanting lyricism and masterful eloquence. With each verse, he solidifies his reputation as a poet deeply rooted in his religious convictions, paying homage to the resolute fortitude, unwavering individuality, and profound faith of the Catholic Church. Penned across four continents—Asia, Europe, and the Americas—his words resonate with his quest for the timeless beauty that Saint Augustine so eloquently described as "ever ancient, ever new," a pursuit that mirrors the universal human experience with all its intricacies and shades of triumph and tribulation. Guided by an unwavering belief that our hearts find solace only in the embrace of our Creator, the poet weaves an exquisite needlework of spiritual longing and profound introspection. Within the pages of this collection, you will discover a profound journey of self-discovery, where the ethereal harmonizes with the terrestrial, and the transcendent meets the raw human spirit. "Triptych and Collected Poems" is a transformative exploration of the restless yearnings of the soul, uncovering a serene sanctuary within the sacred embrace of Gilbert Luis R. Centina III's poetic mastery.

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