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La soledad como oportunidad
La soledad como oportunidad

La soledad como oportunidad is a useful guide for overcoming loneliness brought about by an ailment, old age or depression through various stages of life. It is useful for both patients and caregivers as it points the way to coming to terms with one's unique situation as he or she grapples with the feeling of isolation. Authored by Spanish educator José María Alonso Alonso de Linaje, it also aims to help caregivers in how to cope with the challenges of their difficult task.

La soledad como oportunidad
The Filipino State and Othr Essays
The Filipino State and Other Essays

The Filipino State and Other Essays is a compendium of historical facts about the Filipino nation and people as never told before. Guillermo Gómez Rivera reveals for the first time the truth about the birth of the Philippines which is being deliberately omitted by history books taught in Philippine schools. Find out why there is an ongoing cultural genocide with regard to the Filipino language.

The Filipino State
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