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Glass of Liquid Truths

Venture into the profound world of Glass of Liquid Truths, an acclaimed collection of prize-winning poetry. With eloquent mastery, the words within this remarkable book paint a vivid canvas of memories and emotions, thoughts and imaginations that emerge from the cloister's sacred sanctuary and the hearth's intimate warmth. Like a tankard overflowing with profound revelations, these verses carry the weight of human frailty, illuminated by the multicolored hues streaming through the cathedral's glorious windows.


In the words of a discerning critic, Glass of Liquid Truths becomes a meeting ground where Augustine and Genet find themselves locked in a shared cubicle of grief and suffering, their contrasting journeys converging with poetic intensity. Within these pages, a friar hovers between the earthly realm and the ethereal heavens, torn between the desire to embrace the imperfect world as it is and the yearning to seek a God who seems to revel in a cosmic game of "hide-and-seek."


Be captivated by the profound depths of this poetic masterpiece, where the realms of earthly existence and spiritual contemplation intertwine in a mesmerizing dance. Glass of Liquid Truths beckons you to partake in its poignant revelations as you explore the universal truths that reverberate within the human experience.


The luminous artistry of Gilbert Luis R. Centina III is palpable as he presents his fifth poetry collection, Getxo and Other Poems. Centina's verses have captivated critics who laud his work as a pinnacle of modern, lyrical poetry. Deeply entrenched in religious history, mythology, and mysticism, his words resonate with an ethereal power that transcends the boundaries of the page.


Within the pages of this masterfully crafted collection, Centina embarks on a trajectory that continues to push the boundaries of poetic expression. Each flash piece exudes a spiritual magnitude, invoking the strength and intensity of prayer. As you journey through these evocative verses, the real essence of Centina's craft reverberates within the confines of this volume and across the entirety of his literary legacy.


Prepare to be swept away by the sheer beauty and transcendence of Centina's poetic mastery. Getxo and Other Poems invites you to enthrall yourself in a world where words become prayers and the divine whispers through the written lines. Allow his verses to illuminate the sacred pathways of your soul and transport you to a realm where the mystical and the mundane coalesce into breathtaking harmony.


Diptych/Díptico breaks boundaries and bridges cultures; this unique collection features poetic expressions in English and Spanish, offering a genuinely immersive literary experience.


Be ready to be enchanted by Centina's evocative verses and the original artwork gracing the pages. Basque multimedia artist Vicente Jáuregui Presa and the poet's sister, Louella Centina Garnado, contribute their visual artistry, adding a rich layer of depth and visual stimulation to this remarkable book.


Intriguingly, the foreword to this extraordinary collection is penned by Spanish avant-garde poet Antonio Aguirre, lending his unique perspective and insight to guide readers into the fascinating world of Diptych/Díptico.


With a seamless blend of languages, art, and poetic brilliance, this bilingual masterpiece invites you to explore the interconnectedness of cultures, celebrating the harmonious union of words and visual expression. Lose yourself in the captivating rhythms and vivid imagery as Diptych/Díptico takes you on a poetic voyage that transcends language barriers and resonates with the universal power of artistic creation.

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