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centiramo BOOKS

Glass of Liquid Truths

Glass of Liquid Truths is a prize-winning poetry book. In the words of one critic, it's "a tankard rich with memories and feelings, thoughts and imaginations bred of the cloister and of the hearth, talented by the light streaking in from the varicolored windows of a cathedral that cannot but glitter with the painful awareness of man's frailties" where one can find "Augustine confronting Genet in the same cubicle of grief and suffering" and "a friar hovering between earth and heaven, uncertain whether to fall or to rise, to clasp the earth for what it is worth or to go searching for a God who plays 'hide-and-seek.'"


Getxo and Other Poems is the fifth poetry collection of prize-winning poet Gilbert Luis R. Centina III. Critics have described his poetry as lyrical, modern poetry at its best and deeply rooted in religious history, mythology and mysticism. He continues that trajectory with the flash pieces contained in this collection, which he has masterfully crafted "with the strength and magnitude of prayer" that is palpable through the pages not only of this volume but of all his works.


Diptych/Díptico is the first English-Spanish bilingual book of poems by prize-winning poet Gilbert Luis R. Centina III. It features original artwork by Basque multimedia artist Vicente Jáuregui Presa and by the poet's sister Louella Centina Garnado. Spanish avant-garde poet Antonio Aguirre wrote the introduction.

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