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Daisy lópez


"She is an associate professor dedicated to teaching Spanish and Italian and a full member of the Philippine Academy of the Spanish Language."

Daisy López was born in Quezon City, the Philippines. She studied Hispanic Philology at the University of the Philippines, then moved to Madrid, where she lived for several years and obtained a Master’s degree in Spanish Philology from the Institute of Hispanic Culture. She also studied in Italy at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia and the Scuola Dante Alighieri in Rome.

Back in the Philippines, she obtained a Doctorate in Hispanic Literature at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She has been an associate professor at this same university dedicated to teaching Spanish and Italian, and she also works as a translator and simultaneous interpreter in Spanish and English.

She is a full member of the Philippine Academy of the Spanish Language, to which she was admitted on September 24, 2005.

She is the author of  En la línea del horizonte (Seville, 2009; 2nd ed. Barcelona, ​​2016) and Hermoso palabra, a collection of poems in the Chabacano language for which she won the 2022 Premio Abad.

Likewise, López has participated in various international Ibero-American poetry contests, winning them or ranking among the first contestants. Her poetic contributions can be read in international anthologies: “Saudade... Brief Itinerary” was awarded in the First Toledo International Contest and appeared in Casco Histórico 58 (Ed. Toni Gil. Toledo, Editorial Celya, 2013, p. 128); “A Story… and Nothing Else” along with “I Sing to the Sea and the Dream” were submitted to the Libróptica International Poetry call and were published in Latidos de la vida: Antología de poesías (Ed. Karina Kresisch, Buenos Aires, Libróptica Publications, 2013, pp. 139 and pp. 140 -141); “Before It Was a Rose” was published in Somos la voz, a digital anthology by the “International Call for Women’s Cry for Women’s Poetry” (the Dominican Republic 2020, 108 -109); finally, in 2022, two poems, “Conjugation” and “The Afternoon Was a Curtain,” were published in Philippines and Spain in Postmodernity (Bulletin of the Philippine Academy of the Spanish Language, year I, number I, p. 149).

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