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Aguirre Salamero >

Antonio Aguirre Salamero

Gómez Rivera >

Author Guillero Gómez Rivera
José María

Alonso Alonso de Linaje >

Josemaría Alonso Alonso de Linaje

Christina Esposito >

Kathleen Christina Esposito

Torres Centina Jr. >

Luis T. Centina Jr.

Luis R. Centina III >

Gilbert Luis R. Centina III

About us

Our passion is to share the works of  the finest authors with the widest audience possible through our platform

Our artists

Our artists and book designers are some of the most talented creative minds in Spain as well as in the United States

Our books

Our books are by authors distinguished in their fields and by promising  talents who share our passion for  knowledge

Featured author

Antonio Aguirre Salamero's debut poetry collection 

represents the best of  Spain's avant-garde poetry

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CentiRamo Publishing is an independent publishing house focusing on works written by Spanish and Filipino American authors. Founded in 2013, it aims to produce and distribute these works to the widest possible audience. It does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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